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Macular Regeneration relaxation audio MP3

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This Macular regeneration relaxation audio MP3 is designed specifically for short relaxation that dramatically impacts your Macular’s ability to regenerate better functionality. Relaxation is a key to stabilising and improving eyesight in Macular Degeneration. This shorter 9 minute length makes it ideal for use in a smart phone, IPad or tablet.  Not suggested for use while driving.

• “Am I afraid of losing control if my visual impairment continues to become worse?”
• “Am I afraid of losing my independence if my vision gets worse and others would need to care for me?”(e.g., support while driving, shopping, daily errands etc.)
• “Do I have a feeling that there is something very important to do in my life?”

Excerpt From: Roberto Kaplan. “Energetic EyeHealing.”


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