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Tearing eyes relaxation audio MP3

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Tearing Eyes relaxation audio is a key to stabilising and reducing tearing eyes. This audio MP3 is designed specifically for excessive tearing. This shorter 8 minute length makes it ideal for use in a smart phone, IPad, or tablet.  Not suggested for use while driving.  Unlike the longer eye healing version, here you will experience extra healing for the tearing symptom.

“Here are the questions you can ask yourself:
• ”The unresolved grief, weeping or sadness from my past is……….”
• “The emotions I have difficulty expressing are……….”
• “The loss in my life that is difficult to cope with is…………”
• “Where I feel out of control in my life is………..”

Excerpt From: Roberto Kaplan. “Energetic EyeHealing.”

Enjoy.         LISTEN TO A SAMPLE




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