iris-matrix-3Beyond2020Vision® was founded in 1990 by Dr. Roberto Kaplan, in order to provide information,  consultation and products on HELP FOR YOUR EYES… NATURALLY!®  Dr. Kaplan is one of the few thousand doctors in the world who is Board Certified in Vision Therapy (College of Optometrists in Vision Development U.S.A.)

Currently we serve clients in 40 countries and direct services in Germany, Poland, Austria, Mexico, U.S., Italy, Canada and Switzerland. Dr. Kaplan is often invited for personal consultations, lectures, seminars and keynote presentations in different countries.

Roberto Kaplan’s career began as a photographer (Check out his art work), both professionally and as an artist.

Living in South Africa afforded him the opportunity to spend time outdoors examining the process of seeing.  With this interest, he completed a four-year Professional Optometry Training in Johannesburg in 1971. After a two-year period of Optometric practise in Durban, he left for the USA to do advanced study at the University of Houston.  He completed his Doctor of Optometry degree, and while a Professor of Optometry at the College of Optometry, he enrolled in an Interdisciplinary Master’s degree program in Visual Science, Speech Pathology and Audiology, Special Education and Psychology.  Simultaneously, he conducted clinical research in perception, monocular and binocular information processing and integrated approaches to vision therapy.

In 1978, Roberto was recruited as an Associate Professor to Pacific University’s College of Optometry, in Oregon, USA., where he was the Chief of Vision Therapy in the Portland Clinic. During his 6 year tenure, he investigated the deeper causes of Myopia, therapeutic lens prescribing, and use of light and colour for helping children with vision and reading problems.

In 1984, Roberto took a sabbatical to write his first book, Seeing Beyond 20/20, which is still in print after 29 years, under a new title: Seeing Without Glasses.  In addition, he travelled around the world exploring seeing and vision from a world cultural perspective.

In 1993, he established a retreat healing centre near Vancouver, B.C., Canada, where his patients were able to spend days receiving his integrated method of vision therapy.  Also, by this time he was invited to numerous centres in Europe to teach other professionals the EyeCode® – Prevention and Healing Method. During the period from 1998 to the present time, Roberto has been collaborating with European Medical Doctors, Opticians, Functional Optometrists, and Ophthalmologists in understanding the inter-connectedness between Myopia, Eye Disease and Psychosomatic Medicine.

Roberto is retired from formal Optometry, however, maintains an eye coaching consulting practise in Oberstenfeld, Germany, and visits other centres by invitation.  In collaboration with Vistara Haiduk, he leads the Eye-See-Life Institut, offering self experience  seminars for everyone, as well as trainings for professionals.

Dr. Kaplan is available for public presentations as well as mentoring or supervision, for practitioners who wish to expand their scope of practise, to include Iris Energetic Healing, Integrated Vision Therapy,  and the background EyeCode® Healing and Prevention Method.