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Beyond2020Vision® is a service provided for our English speaking visitors who wish to receive long distance (remote) Energetic EyeHealing, or special home based vision training materials from the EyeCode® – Kaplan Method.

Dr. Kaplan founded Beyond2020Vision® 28 years ago, and perfected a service and product mix that can be used by you in the comfort of your home for improving your vision. It is a simple as this. You tell him the kind of vision problem you have, and then make use of the phone/skype service and/or use the self healing audio material, books and charts available for you.

When you choose the phone service, please provide Dr. Kaplan with your lens prescription information, and what your doctor diagnosed. Choose a 15, 30, 45 or 60 minute appointment and then Dr. Kaplan will contact you with some times to choose. Your long distance session can be audio recorded and you receive a copy of this via Drop Box. Make an Appointment Now. e-mail


Energetic EyeHealing   (FREE Audio MP3 of a lecture given by Dr. Kaplan)

Long distance help

Self help for your EYES at home

Lectures and Seminars

Kaplan EyeCode® for Practitioners (learn via Skype lessons)