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Energetic EyeHealing with Dr. Roberto Kaplan in VIENNA – OKTOBER, 2018

19. Oktober - 21. Oktober


I will be returning to Vienna on 19.19 to 21.10.2018 and am offering special 55 or 110 minute Energetic EyeHealing sessions. During the meeting I will use photographs of your eyes (IRIS) to provide you information on how to deal with the following aspects in your life:

EYES – What are the best glasses to wear if you are interested in EYE prevention.
– Take you into an Energetic EyeHealing® process if you wish to heal and regenerate eye tissue, in the case of a disease
– Provide healing impulses for dealing with the fear of blindness
– An exercise (Practice) program for your particular IRIS structure to improve eyesight
– Precisely outline an eating and nutritional approach based on your iris structure for regenerative health

–  Provide you with useful Iris information and impulses for resolving conflicts in existing relationships
–  What are the best qualities for you to look for in a partner in order to match your unique Iris EyeCode®
–  Impulses from your iris regarding your communication style and how to approach others with different styles
–  Feedback on how you look through your two eyes. How this impacts your ability to go deep into relationships

–  What your iris says about your style of intimacy regarding sensuality and spirituality
–  How visible genetic factors on the iris suggest ways to build self-worth in your life
–  Ways to enter into new levels of spiritual intimacy as you move through the ‚age‘ life cycle
–  Receive impulses from IRIS structures to approach blockages in intimacy, and find the freedom in deeper connection

The appointment times have to be reserved ahead of time. There are only a few slots, so please make your booking early.The fee for the session is €180 (55 minute appointment – €340 for 110 minutes) for new clients.  Please choose the topic you are interested in, and bring an USB stick (Flash drive) with you, and you will receive an audio MP3 file from the session. The meeting place will be:

Pakats Suite Hotel
Mommsengasse 5, 
Vienna, 1040 Österreich

The appointment times that are available are listed below in the booking schedule. (The sessions are in English. I understand a lot of German and use a digital translator when necessary. You are also welcome to bring a translator with you).

55 minute appointment

Schedule Appointment

110 minute appointment

Schedule Appointment



Dr. Kaplans Schwerpunkte

  • – Integrative Sehtherapie
  • – Augenerkrankungen
  • – Schielen
  • – Winkelfehlsichtigkeit
  • – Schwachsichtigkeit
  • – Kurzsichtigkeit
  • – Hornhautverkrümmung und Augen Erkrankungen





19. Oktober
21. Oktober
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Pakats Suite Hotel
Mommsengasse 5
Vienna, 1040 Austria
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+49 (0) 160 218 6160

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