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Holistic Myopia Control Intensive (Personal appointments)

21. November @ 10:00 - 23. November @ 20:00

Holistic Myopia Control Intensive is a modern way to reach the real cause and to effectively manage Myopia.

Myopia is the ever increasing unclear seeing in the distance.

Control are ways to stop the changes in the eye.

Holistic is a natural approach of looking at the total human being.

Holistic Myopia Control provides prevention, regeneration and healing non-invasive processes.

The premise is that the Myopia that shows up in the eye is a print out of the person’s Myopic perceptions. Change perceptions with new programming of how to see in a farsighted way starts the process.

What happens in an Intensive?

– From a case history the cause of Myopia is explored.

– Using iris photos, genetic influences and life conditioning are decoded.

– You will get feedback how eyeglasses and contacts can be designed to act as a therapeutic tool.

– You will experience eye fitness practices for relaxation and stimulating eye functioning.

– Use visual biofeedback training tools to observe how to manage damaging stress.

The process is equally good for parents and children.

(The session is in English and some German explanations of the terms. A translator can accompany you.)

Long distance support sessions are available after the initial meeting.

2 hour session – €240

4 hour session -€480

Call, +49 (0) 160 218 6160 or write for an appointment

Dr. Pashya R. Kaplan

Listen to Dr. Kaplan talking about this approach –





21. November @ 10:00
23. November @ 20:00


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