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What is the Kaplan EyeCode®?

Created by one of the world’s leading integrative vision therapy experts, Roberto Kaplan O.D. M.Ed. FCOVD, the Kaplan EyeCode® enhances your ‘whole person’ diagnosis and therapeutic options. Through long distance Skype coaching you will in 12 hours learn evidence-based processes, which support practitioner’s abilities to assess, interpret, and recommend proven integrative vision therapies to their patients, while dramatically increasing their patients‘ adherence and engagement levels. This can even be for practitioners who only want to learn how to increase the potential of prescribing two or more extra therapeutic eyeglasses.

Kaplan EyeCode® was founded developed by Dr. Kaplan in consultation with International investigators from Austria (Mag. Peter Hauschild), Germany (late Dr. med, Walter Lechler), United States (Denny Rae Johnson) and Peru (Ricardo Rojas).

Using your patients‘ refractive data, iris information, case history, symptoms, and binocular findings, the Kaplan EyeCode® condenses and systematizes this data into a practical action plan, called Energetic EyeHealing, which is easily delivered and applied by vision care professionals or their assistants. You maintain contact with your patient, building rapport, while they embrace a preventive and enhancement approach to vision. They tell their friends, and you become known as a leading practitioner in integrative approaches to vision in your area. This is a potential future of Optometry….Now!

The process:

You will commit yourself to 12 hours of online Skype sessions to gain the basic competencies in incorporating the Kaplan EyeCode® in your office. One additional members of your professional staff (Doctors or Therapists) can join you during these sessions.
You will gain the following competencies:
A) How to analyze the iris of the eye to gain an understanding of the genetic influences that affect the visual process.
B) How to correlate these findings with your refractive spherical and astigmatic data.
C) Integrating A and B with the binocular visual measurements.


Via case studies you will be guided into interpreting and integrating A, B and C into a therapeutic plan, (Energetic EyeHealing) that can be easily added to any existing program. It is as simple as knowing how to ask the right questions that leads the patient into an epigenetic healing process of building new perceptions. This will take 4 to 6 hours of Skype time.

For the remaining 6 hours, you will provide your patient records and analyses for discussion. Via a mentoring process Dr. Kaplan will offer feedback with questions and suggestions during the Skype session.

In order to maximize the learning, the first 6 hours will be held 1 time per week for 6 weeks. The remaining 6 hours are spent 1hour per month for 6 months.

Fee Structure:

The entire program is audio recorded. The files are uploaded onto DropBox for you to download. The fee for first 6 hours is €995 ($+/-1,200 U.S.) . and includes the recorded audio MP3 files, and a PDF record of the instructional material used during the lessons. This first 6 hour fee is payable before the first hour meeting. The remaining fee of €995 ($+/-1,200 U.S.) is payable before lesson 7. The preferred method of payment is by TransferWise,

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What other Doctors and therapists say about Kaplan EyeCode® Energetic EyeHealing.


“As an Ophthalmologist and homeopathic doctor, I always try to identify the emotional state associated with any eye disease. This helps to understand the person and helps me develop an effective treatment program. Dr. Kaplan’s book, Energetic Eye Healing , is what I have been searching to help me identify and understand this connection. He goes into a explanation of eye diseases and problems, the associated patterns of behavior and the message behind the eyes.“ – Edward C. Kondrot. MD, MD(H), DHt, CCH

“The essence of healing is not treating an illness, but rather a process where perceptions are altered. Even as a Behavioural Optometrist, I have to shift my perception of vision after learning this approach. It is one thing to use tools, but to guide my patients via spirit to find inner peace and relaxation through a shift in consciousness is a new step.” Josef Thiel –

“Dr. Kaplan presents an interesting perspective on vision…..the result of the integration of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person.”  Amelia Salvador – Ophthalmologist – Spain

April 4 2014 – A Sit Down report from Optometrist – Dr. Curt Baxtrom
curt“During my 4th year Vision Therapy rotation I was exposed to Dr. Robert Michael Kaplan, with another twist on developmental vision care. My first experience with a patient who had esotropia changed my model dramatically. The 10 year old boy had two 14 week sessions of vision therapy and was still an amblyopic esotrope with no changes from his initial findings. I was thinking this might me one of those you send out for surgery. Robert kindly suggested there was more we could do and he proceeded to have me take the patient to the VT room where he had me instruct the patient to start jumping on a mini-trampoline. I was shocked and confused why we were doing this. (I had heard that this VT advisor was on the strange side!) Nothing in my VT course said anything about a trampoline. After 3 minutes of jumping he had me have the patient look at me and his eyes were straight and this lasted for about 2 to 3 minutes. He then instructed me that my job for the next 14 weeks was to help the patient keep his eyes straight after he stopped jumping.”