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Just as a blood test or an X-ray reveals functional reasons for health difficulties, information about the eye conditions can be decoded. There is a personal approach for each eye disorder. There is a deeper meaning for lowered eyesight, and eye diseases. These are deeply linked to the problems that show up in our lives. A disturbance in vision points to survival perceiving. Optometric vision therapy, Bates training and natural vision improvement provide specific exercises and instrument training to enhance the function of vision. The Energetic EyeHealing approach is a perfect adjunct to these programs as well as other self-experience or personal growth processes.
The reader can access their personal eye condition and find ways to look at their perceptions from the past. For every situation there is a valuable lesson to realise. Using new healthy perceptions has been shown to affect eyesight and the way for viewing different life situations. Any disturbance of vision requires its own healing vibration. This is accomplished with specialised audio healing material for letting go, prevention, and guided meditations. The regenerative potential of eye tissue lies dormant in everyone, waiting to be fully stimulated.
The non-exercise approach invites readers to explore complimentary steps that go far beyond the treatment of symptoms with glasses, medication or surgery. They are encouraged to step into a higher vibration, a self-healing for their eyes and their lives. The authors have researched how perceiving from the core self is a way to totally transform the normal problems in life, like in health issues, relationships, partnerships, and even sexuality.  Read preview

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What others are saying about this book:
“Authors Roberto Kaplan and Vistara Haiduk have reframed the perspective of healing the eyes with a new picture paradigm. The book Energetic EyeHealing radiates the love and passion for transforming the concept of healing and professional eye care. I personally have used Roberto’s method and have healed my eyesight from -5.00 diopters. I integrate these principles into my work as a Vision Educator.”

Ing. Peter Ruiter, bc. Vision educator of the eyeschool in the Netherlands. www.Eye-Tools.info and www.AugenUrlaub.com


„Dr. Kaplan presents in this book an interesting perspective on vision, he goes a step beyond the physical (the eye) to consider vision as a result of the integration of the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of the person: Consciousness. A path worth exploring.”

Ophthalmologist  Amelia Salvador M.D.  www.ameliasalvador.es

“Energetic EyeHealing impressed me by the interrelationship between vision and our lives. Authors Kaplan and Haiduk clearly show how we look at the world is a direct reflection of how we look at ourselves.Their approach shows a new way of looking inside ourselves to really see what is clear or unclear.  The essence of healing in this book is not treating an illness, but rather a process where perceptions are altered.  I really love reading how eye conditions of nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia, lazy eye, strabismus and other vision errors are portrayed in such a psychosomatic and philosophical way.“

Josef Thiel – Behavioural Optometrist    www.institut-sehen.de