92,80  52,80  (inkl. MwSt,)

This home based vision training program for NEARSIGHTEDNESS contains the following items:

vivenciaConscious Seeing Photographs – You will be using the following photographs: number 1, 2, 3, 9, 10, and 12.

The practices encourage you to enter an integrated state of broadening, opening and centering your vision. €5.99


Eye_FoodsInstructional paper for food and eating for nearsightedness. While you are training your vision, you will wish to eat more cleanly to deepen the possibility for success. This paper will guide you in making food choices that support your progress.  €2.99


sunriseLight and Colour paper for relaxing the eye muscles and mind. You can use the optional coloured goggles (Offered below), fabric or visualizing and breathing the colour indigo to manage excessive nearsightedness behaviour that affects your eyes. €2.99


LochbrillenPinholes instructional pdf for nearsightedness. While looking through small holes, like in pinhole goggles, you can apply this 30 day program for nearsightedness. You will learn daily activities for retraining how to program new brain ‚looking and seeing‘ into your eyes. €3.99


swg2Dr. Kaplan’s eye exercise audio package for nearsightedness. There are specific exercises recorded on audio for you to follow in a sequenced way. This will discipline you to do something good for your eyes each day. Just turn on the audio and you will be guided through self healing exercises. €19.95


nearsightednessletting-goSelf healing audios for nearsightedness and letting go. Each day, while sitting in a chair or relaxing on your bed, you will be guided into deep relaxation and receive healing impulses to help alleviate your nearsighted perceptions and reprogram the eye structures. €13.90


Eye JourneyThe eye journey is a nearsighted meditation audio where you are guided to travel through each structure of the eye and bring healing energy. €2.99



FREE  15 minute Personal consultation with Dr. Kaplan on the phone or Skype to further personalise your improving vision. Value €40



Spectrochrome Colour INDIGO balancing goggle. indigo-goggles(Only for EU customers) €55.


seeing_without_glassesSeeing without Glasses book with the three phases for improving vision. Been in use for 26 years and based on clinical research.



Energetic EyeHealing book is Dr. Kaplan’s latest program on impriving vision using epigenetics, EyeCode® method of reprogramming Screen Shot 2014-09-03 at 19.30.49perceptions for improving vision. Special sections on Nearsightedness.


PinholesPINHOLES – (Only for EU customers) €55.