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(Click on the photo on left to read more) The Power Behind Your Eyes is more than the ability to see 20/20 on an eye chart. Any vision problem is a message alerting us to an unbalanced inner state. Eyeglasses, medications, and surgery may correct poor vision but they cannot correct this inner imbalance. In The Power Behind Your Eyes, Robert-Michael Kaplan presents Integrated Vision Therapy, a comprehensive daily program that can actually improve as well as treat the inner causes of poor vision. More comprehensive than other vision care techniques, Integrated Vision Therapy takes a holistic approach to identifying the causes of vision problems and developing non-invasive, natural strategies for treatment, including clear, easy-to-follow exercises, diets, and changes in daily habits.

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„An important book that can help you create a new vision for your life.“
Deepak Chopra, M.D., author of Ageless Body, Timeless Mind and Perfect Health


„I’ve been meaning to tell you that I liked your book so much, ‚The Power Behind Your Eyes‘, I made it required reading for all my Vision Therapy Residents.“ Stan Appelbaum, OD, FCOVD, Adjunct Faculty, Southern College of Optometry, Supervisor for Vision Therapy Private Practice Residency


„This insightful book will, for many, open new vistas and possibilities related to our dominant sense, helping us see new possibilities for our vision and our lives.“
Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior


„Robert-Michael Kaplan is a true visionary. For 20 years I have deeply respected the way his life is a living manifestation of his work. His new book will surely rock the foundation of our present vision paradigm and provide a revolutionary new understanding for all who have the eyes to see.“
Dr. Jacob Liberman, author of Take Off Your Glasses and See