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Training Vision after 40. In this paper, Dr. Kaplan provides valuable information for those who are having difficulty in seeing small print and wish to avoid or reduce dependency on reading glasses. In his own case, Dr. Kaplan uses the described vision fitness practices and keeps his reading glasses at a level equivalent to someone 10 years younger. In this paper you will find practical tools that you can immediately implement into your daily life.

“Consider the following points to help you sense more deeply:
• “Which areas of my life I am most interested in breaking away from?”
• “Looking at my circle of life (in Energetic Eye Healing), which areas do I wish to get closer to?”
• “Which feelings do I find difficult to express?”
• “Where do I see confusion in my life?”

Excerpt From: Roberto Kaplan. “Energetic EyeHealing.”

Minimise the risk of slipping into stronger and stronger reading glasses.

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