Pashya R. Kaplan
Eichhäldenstr 46,
D-71720 Oberstenfeld, Europe
North America (206) 905-1393
Skype robertokaplan
Mobile – +49 160 218 6160


With a strong interdisciplinary background my passion is to empower people and assist them in manifesting a joyful and healthy life. I work as an interactive, solution-focused vision consultant and spiritual coach. My work goes beyond conventional Eye Care, and is enriched with the analytic and the intuitive, humour and patience. I use the eyes as a map of consciousness to enable clients to find out how they see themselves, and to find out, and become who they are.

This coaching approach is to provide assistance and practical feedback so clients experience how they think, feel and emotionally act to effectively master personal life challenges. The combination of modern science and complementary methodologies and techniques offers a personalised approach tailored to each client. With joy, compassion and provocation, I assist clients identifying their inner qualities, letting go resistance, build new perceptions and attain the personal growth they are committed to accomplishing.

Muir College, Uitenhage, South Africa, High School Diploma, 1966
The Hill School, Port Elizabeth, South Africa, Matriculation Certificate, 1967
Witwatersrand College of Optometry, Johannesburg, South Africa, Optometry Diploma, 1971
University of Houston, College of Optometry, Houston, Texas, Doctor of Optometry, 1974
University of Houston, College of Education Houston, Texas, Interdisc. Masters Degree, 1978

Professional Experience

2015 – Present – Consulting Practitioner to Heilpraktikerin Praxis, Vistara Haiduk, Oberstenfeld, Germany
2013 – Present – Managing Director of Eye See Life Institut in Oberstenfeld, Germany

2012 to Present – Vision Consultant to Lilie Company in Germany.

1997 – Present – Teaching Faculty – Frankfurt Ring, Frankfurt, Germany

1990 – 2016 – Director of Beyond2020Vision® – Roberts Creek, B.C., Canada
2009 – 2014    – Teaching Faculty of Kienthal, Switzerland
2006 – Present – Consultant  to Heart Balance Company, Moedling, Austria
2010 – 2014 – Teaching Faculty – Hospitalerhof, Stuttgart, Germany
1992 – 2011 – Registered Holistic Practitioner – Innsight Center, Canada
1985 – 1991 – Adjunct Faculty Member – National College of Naturopathic
Medicine in Portland, Oregon, USA.
1984 – 1985 – Marketing Director of Koyen and Associates
1978 – 1984 – Associate Clinical Professor of Optometry – Pacific University
1976 – 1978 – Assistant Professor – University of Houston, Texas
1974 – 1976 – Instructor in Optometry, University of Houston, Texas
1971 – 1973 – Associateship Practice in Optometry, Durban, South Africa

Professional Memberships
1981 – Present       Fellow of International  College of Syntonic Optometry
1976 – Present       Board Certified in Vision Therapy and Fellow, College of
Optometrists in Vision Development
1990 – 2014       Member of the American Holistic Medical Association

Grant Applications and Awards
Numerous grants and awards from 1975 to 2006 in conducting clinical research
validating a new paradigm of integrated vision therapy (List on request)

Consulting and Professional Experience
Numerous consulting positions as an expert in Vision Development and Therapy expert in Germany, USA, Canada, Poland, Italy, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, Israel, UK,  in Education, Industry and Professional Sectors, including Intel, Hewlett Packard and Standard Insurance, (List on request)

Publications – Books
“Conscious Seeing” – Simon and Schuster, USA-2001 Translated into 5 languages
“The Power Behind Your Eyes” – Inner Traditions, USA-1994 – Translated into 3 languages
“Seeing without Glasses” Simon and Schuster, USA- 1994 – Translated into 18 languages and best seller in Canada.
Mehr Durchblick (Vistara Haiduk)  Knaur Verlag in Germany, 2013

Energetic EyeHealing (with Vistara Haiduk) Eye See Life Publications, 2014

Clinical and Research Papers
Over 25 papers published in U.S. or International Journals covering varying aspects of clinical management using interdisciplinary approaches to vision care.  (List on request)

Contributing author to book on Holistic Medicine by Dr. Med. Ruediker Dahlke published by Integral Verlag, Random House, Germany – 2007
Contributing author to Alive Encyclopedia of Natural Healing, January 1998.

Lectures, Papers and Courses Presented
Over 100 courses, papers and lectures given in 20 countries around the world.
(List on request)

Innovations in New Methodology
1995 to Present   Developed and marketed audio self-healing material for enhancing vision function
2004 to Present   Innovator and Creator of the EyeCode® Healing and Prevention Method – the new paradigm for Vision Care – Energetic EyeHealing.
2013 to Present  Co-developer in the Psycho EnergeticHealing Method with Vistara Haiduk.