Self Help for your EYES at home

Your eyes and vision have a significant impact on your lives. The way light enters the eye, not only has an effect on your brain, but on all areas of your being. In these links you will find out more about the EyeCode® – Prevention and Healing  (Translate Post) method of Dr. Kaplan. There are simple to use tools for your home use. e-mail me , and tell me what your eye condition is. I will design a personal healing program for your home use.

glassesRefractive conditions


● Farsightedness

● Astigmatism

● Two eyed difficulties

● Lazy eye

● Squint or turned eye

● Presbyopia

Using light, colour and new information is an effective way to modify the energy being sent to the eyes from the brain. For eye diseases, we use self healing audios and other tools to activate the correct energy to produce natural regneration in your eyes. At the same time you will get in touch with restrictive perceptions that are the actual cause of the eye health deterioration.

EYEEye Diseases

● Cataract

● Glaucoma

● Macular degeneration

● Retinal conditions

● Optic nerve conditions

● Vitroeus floaters

● Corneal conditions



How and what others have accomplished:

“I was able to link the psyche and eyes. The new approach offered by Roberto, and his loving leadership and wisdom, has far exceeded my expectations. ….”

“I have learned that my eyes are my friends and have a message for me.” 

“I’ve got new perspectives and a whole range of ways which I will now introduce bit by bit in my everyday life…no pressure to ‘exercise’ my eyes”

 „I learned that the reduction of myopia is not the no. 1 focus, but the change of the view, the perceptual experience is the point.“