Leonardo da Vinci said that his scientific discoveries and artistic accomplishments resulted from the  process of “Knowing how to see!”  Remember the retina is not just a film, it is neural tissue, therefore it is the brain.

So here is an exercise for your brain. Analyse this situation. Remember, you will learn more when your stress hormones are a little activated by the unknown of this photo.

What the heck is going on here? To be conscious of what is going on one needs attention, that is, attention that is being selective. Look at the individual elements, so you don’t become blind to the obvious.

Ask yourself what the person’s intentions were by designing this matrix? Examine their point of view. Examining the facts means you must also sort out your subjective perceptions from those that are objective.

Why five 500 Euro notes? Why 10 arrows, different colours, pointing in different directions? Look for facts not opinions to gain reliable answers. Avoid assumptions.

Is this a game, a process, a training?

(With thanks to Amy Herman, authoress of “Visual Intelligence”)